How do I choose an inflatable towable tubes for my family?
Ask yourself whether the people you pull want to lay on the tube, sit in the tube, or sit on the tube. If your answer is lay on, then a deck style or flat tube would be your best choice. They come in a variety of shapes and normally hold 1–4 riders. These designs are simple. Because they have fewer chambers that fill with air, they are generally the most reliable. They are easier to get on to from the water, because their profile is lower. They’re also easy to tow and balance, because of their simple design and multiple handles.

Sit-on and Sit-In Tubes:

If your riders like to sit on or in the tube, then a couch or cockpit style tube would suit you well. These designs allow the tuber a more comfortable and relaxed ride because they require less effort to hold on. Several couch style tubes give you the option to tow in both directions. You can ride them by either sitting on them like on a couch or kneeling holding onto the back rest. Most of these are made for 2–4 riders.

Cockpit style tubes give the rider the ability to sit down in the tube. These work great for younger kids, especially if they’re new to the water or to the concept of being towed behind a boat. And parents can comfortably accompany their kids in the multiple rider versions of these.

Is Tubing Safe?

Remember that tubing is all about the boat driver. The ride can be as aggressive or as tame as the driver wants it to be. Because of this, the driver needs to be aware of the riders and of other boats in the area at all times. Also, the driver should pay close attention to manufacturer’s operating instructions.

Should I buy a tube rope with the purchase of a tube or can I just use my old ski rope?

Tube ropes have two big benefits over ski ropes. The first is the length. Almost all tube ropes are 60 feet in length versus 75 feet for a ski rope. The manufacturers of all the tubes that we carry recommend using a 60 foot tube rope to tow their products. They all agree that 60 feet allows the driver more control over the tube when it is behind the boat.

The second advantage is strength. This is especially important when towing tubes that can carry multiple riders. Tube ropes are usually rated 2K, 4K, or 6K, meaning 2000, 4000, or 6000 pound stress tested. 2K ropes are rated for tubes that can carry up to 2 people. 4K ropes are rated for tubes that can carry up to four people and 6K ropes are rated for 4 to 6 riders.

Take aways:

Get a rope that is rated for the tube that you have. Most people dedicate a specific rope to a tube. That way you don’t have to mess with the ski handle from your ski rope. Make it easier on yourself and keep it safe. A tube rope is cheaper than a hospital bill.