An Exciting New Ski For 2021!

With that late season chill in the air reminding us that winter is well on its way, we at Sun Sports+ can’t help but get excited about new 2021 toys. Many of them will arrive at the store very soon! With that in mind, now is the perfect time to start thinking about what to get your water sports companions for the Holidays. I admit, my Christmas list has whatever cold weather gear will get me back out on the water as soon as the ice melts. Though most people dream of snow this time of year, we dream of summer!

The Wake Wizard has his eye on one ski in particular. It’s called the Radar Terrain, and it’s new for 2021! The Terrain has a very traditional slalom ski shape making it a dependable ski for a wide variety of skiers. Being a little wider in the shovel, it feels stable and balanced beneath your feet. 100% carbon laminates combined with a unique shape ensures this ski will have consistent flex on every turn it takes. The body of the ski has many straight lines along it that allows the ski to flow. Meaning it’s ideal for carving in open water. And fear not buoy slayers; you can take this ski into the course for some added fun.

The New Radar 2021 Terrain Slalom Ski

The New Radar 2021 Terrain Slalom Ski

The Terrain can be skied up to 32mph and comes in three different sizes:

65” – up to 160lbs

67” – 130lbs – 190lbs

69” – 175lbs – 230lbs

The Perfect Choice

Because it’s built to handle any adventure you throw at it, the Terrain is the perfect choice for your next ski. With sleek graphics, a bright orange base, and pure aesthetic magic, you’ll surely be a catch out on the lake. Pair this ski with Radar’s new Prime Feather Front Boot and Adjustable Rear Toe Piece and you’re got a powerhouse set up that will tackle the open water next summer. Radar even redesigned the Prime Boot for 202. It now features a synch around your ankle as well as lower on your foot. Now you can get a tighter fit for great control over your slalom ski.

A slalom skier leans into a turn on the new 2021 Radar Terrain

A slalom skier leans into a turn on the new 2021 Radar Terrain

Keep this ski on your radar, pun intended, because it’s one that we are especially excited about. But there’s more. A whole shipment of Radar Ski equipment is set to arrive early next week, and we can’t wait to see them in person. As soon as they are in, you can check them out on our website! And as always, make sure to stay in contact with us on social media! Call with questions. (207) 693–3867. Feel free to email us and inquire more at And make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!