Black Magic Kneeboard: Fun for the whole family!

Picture this: it’s summer time and you’re out in the boat with the kids. The sun is shining, the water is warm, and you all are just floating out by the sand bar. Now, everyone is a little tubed out, and the kids are ready for something a little more technical. You could always ski. Waterskiing is a classic sport, as old as time itself. But the skis can be difficult to handle in the water when you’re a young kiddo. And just like that, you realize exactly what you need. You kneed a Kneeboard! Kneeboarding is easy fun for the whole family and a great way to get beginner riders out on the water.

The O’Brien Black Magic is the perfect choice for a first time kneeboard. With plentiful padding beneath your knees, you’ll sit upright and comfortable while carving it up on the water. Why is the Black Magic so great, you say? Well that’s what we are here to tell you all about.

O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard | O'Brien Watersports



The Black Magic features a retractable fin system that you can engage or disengage mid ride. Simply twist a button on the front of the board and BOOM, you’ve got traction for carving. Want to try and spin the board? Simply twist the button and pull upwards on it and the fins go away. No need to worry about feeling slippery out on the water. With small, moulded fins in the bottom of the board, you’ve got just the enough grip to bite the water after your 360 spins so you can carve back into place.

O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard - Marine General - KneeboardTired of riding and want to rest your hands? Simply hook the handle into the front of the board and let go! This moulded tow assist is a game changer in the water sports industry. It enables the driver to tow the board instead of the rider which is super beneficial for novice water athletes just looking to dip their toes into something new this summer.

O'brien Black Magic Kneeboard | 2022 | Pre-Order — Marine Products

The size of the Black Magic means adults and kids can ride it with ease. The smooth bottom contour makes it super stable and extremely comfortable. The 3-inch padded strap provides a secure fit. All and all, the Black Magic is a user friendly kneeboard that will have anyone out and cruising day after day. 


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