Bring on the New Year with a New Ski!

Did anyone else catch ice out on the lake recently? Alright, we know it’s not actually ice out just yet, (because it never fully iced in)  but we were certainly tempted to get a rip in! There’s still a lot of winter ahead of us, but we can dream, right? What is just ahead of us is the new year! Bring on the new year with a new ski from Sun Sports+!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It certainly looked different this year for us, but keeping things low key means we kept it stress free. We’ve still got the New Year to look forward to after all! And a New Year means a New Ski, at least we think so! While everyone else is making New Year’s Resolutions to eat less junk food, we resolve to ski more and worry less! We’ve got the perfect line up of 2021 Slalom Skis to help you get your fix. Ladies, check out the 2021 Radar Lyric Slalom Ski – it’s got your name written all over it.

Radar's new 2021 slalom ski specifically engineered for women riders. Built with a softer, more malleable core that lends for smooth and consistent turns on every ride. Bring on the new year with a new ski.

2021 Radar Lyric


The New Lyric

Radar’s 2021 Lyric is engineered specifically for the first lady of the water. They utilize a lighter weight carbon on the inside of the ski making the finished product softer and easier to turn. But fear not! This ski does lacks neither aggression nor fun. Ladies, rip it up on the Lyric between 26-34 MPH and have fun making effortless turns. Pair this ski with Radar’s Lyric Boots and you’ve got a powerhouse combination ready to rip up some early morning glass.

The new 2021 Radar Lyric in action. Bring on the new year with a new ski.

2021 Radar Lyric

Bring on the new year with a new ski or another new piece of water sports equipment. Check here for more new 2021 skis! Call with questions. (207) 693–3867. Feel free to email us and inquire more at And make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 

We hope you stay happy, healthy, and safe. Talk soon!