Closed for the Season. See you in the Spring!

The time has finally come. Summer is over. There is a chill in the air. Winter is coming. The lake will soon freeze which means that we have to lock the doors and pack up shop…for now. Though we are closed for the season, we are always reachable. You can shop online all winter long with us, and follow us on social media to see all the new product as it arrives at the shop. You see, we don’t just pack up and head south when the summer ends. We keep grinding to make sure that the incoming summer is still the best summer that you’ve had yet. And we will see you in the spring.

The off season is not just a time to relax and unwind for us. (though we do a lot of it). It’s a time for us to write orders, receive product, and stock the shelves. There is a lot that goes into the summer time and it happens behind the scenes.

So for now, we bid you farewell. But you can call on us any time you need! Email us at Call us at 207-693-3867. We will answer all year long. Summer magic doesn’t happen just during the warm weather. We work hard to ensure you see the best version of us at all times. Follow us on instagram. Like us on Facebook. Check out our YouTube Channel! We will see you in the spring.