Is It Spring Yet??? Because We Are Ready For It!

Okay, this may sound crazy but I drove home yesterday with the windows DOWN! It was such a mood booster. It is spring yet? Because I skied at Shawnee Peak in the morning and ditched the winter jacket in the afternoon. That weather is such that you can get a goggle tan and sit in the sun all day. What a nice feeling, despite it only being 45 degrees! This always fascinates me how a sunny 50 degrees in the winter time feels like t-shirt weather. Yet that same temp in the summertime is miserable. Regardless, winter is surely coming to an end, right?? Or did Maine Memes get it right on Instagram by saying that we are currently in “Fools Spring” and “Third Winter” is on its’ way? (Do any of you follow them? They are actually wicked funny.)

Maine Memes describes the 12 seasons in New England in their Instagram Post


February is Coming to a Close

QUICKLY too in my opinion. If we can power through March as well then April will truly see the start of Spring. We typically look to open our doors at Sun Sports+ during April and then in May we are open full time. I am truly excited to see you all back at the shop! I know that I speak for the whole Sun Sports+ Crew when I say that we look forward to hearing about your winters and prepping you for a summer of fun on the water.

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