New for Summer 2022: Sun Sports+ has inventory!

Wow, it’s been a while since we’ve seen you all! The summer is such a crazy time for us here at Sun Sports+. Don’t get get us wrong, we love the warm weather, the sunsets, and life on the lake. But the winter is nice for us too because we can relax a little! I’ve said it before in blog posts; I love winter skiing and snowboarding so I am looking forward to getting back on the slopes. But, I know I am also excited to continue writing more blog posts for you all and keeping in touch via Social Media! We have some great products coming in to the shop every week and we want to inform you of them! Whereas other businesses are struggling with their inventory, we’ve taken steps to ensure that we will have great products, new for summer 2022, for you all come spring time.

If you’ve watched the news at all recently, you’ll know that inventory is hard to come by. The issue spreads across industries. Everything from Halloween costumes, to Christmas presents, to water-sports equipment! It’s a game that will continue for months to come, but we are combating it as best we can! Just before closing, we took in a huge O’Brien order of Kneeboards. There is a shortage on Plastic, so kneeboards will be a difficult product to find new for summer 2022.

The Best Kneeboards for 2022

The O'Brien Freeboard is a flat, user friendly board that can be ridden on either by standing, sitting, kneeling, or laying.

The O’Brien Freeboard

O’Brien Freeboard

This is a do-it-all kind of board. Ride it however you can imagine! The Freeboard ensures mindless fun for the whole family. This product is great for anyone new to water sports, or someone who’s uncomfortable around the water. With a wide, stable riding platform that will support nearly every user, the Freeboard is sure to be one of the most popular boards on your lake! You can kneel on it, lay on it, stand on it, sit on it, etc. Molded into the front of the board is a tow assist. This enables the rider to “hook” the handle to the board so that he or she can ride “hands free” (or hold the removable handles on the board itself).

The O'Brien VooDoo kneeboard is a best seller. Featuring comfy padding for your knees, molded fins in the bottom of the board, and a molded tow assist in the front of the board.

O’Brien VooDoo Kneeboard

The VooDoo (with Hook)

This one-size-fits-most kneeboard is your classic go to. It features a soft and comfy pad for your knees, molded fins in the bottom of the board, and a molded tow assist in the front. The tow assist really is a game changer. We find it especially helpful with young kids who may not feel comfortable or confident holding a handle and riding a kneeboard. The padded strap in the kneeboard keeps you secure for maximum carving and spinning. Moreover, the curved underside makes for quick and smooth edge transitions.

A compressed version of the VooDoo kneeboard. Great for kids and young adults.

O’Brien Radica Kneeboard

The Radica

Mostly a kids / young adult board, the Radica features most of the same technology that you’ll find in the VooDoo. Really, the only difference is the size. With a slightly smaller design, you’re set to tow the groms and young adults in your crew all day long. With plush padding for your knees, you’ll cruise around like a pro. Furthermore, O’Brien took a note out of the waterskiing handbook in order to make some of their kneeboards. Incorporating a beveled edges helps the board sit low in the water for stability and allows quick edge to edge transitions.

Summer is over but our inventory is thriving!

It’s strange to receive water sports products at the shop while there’s frost and snow on the ground, but if that’s what it takes that stock our shelves then we will do it! As your favorite Water Sports retailer, we will do our vest best to ensure you have the best products, new for summer 2022! There’s no worse feeling for business owners to have empty shelves and unhappy customers. We pledge to do our best to make sure you have the variety you want at the best prices.

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