The 3 Best Technique Tips for Water Skiing

Over the years, I have noticed a huge shift in the industry from water skiing to wake boarding and wake surfing. Surfing has definitely increased in popularity over waterskiing. But there’s something about skiing for me that is a rite of passage. It’s easier in my opinion to teach someone how to wake surf. That’s in part because you’re so close to the boat, you can really instruct someone on the fly. But you’re also going so slow that much of the pressure goes away. I learned to ski before anything else. It’s still a sport I enjoy to this day. I wanted to pass along some of my knowledge for all of you. So I came up with the 3 Best Technique Tips to waterskiing that you need to know.

I understand the appeal of surfing but skiing is a classic. I’m writing to you today to try and alleviate some of the pressures that come with the territory of water skiing and offer some advice that I’ve learned over the years. Here are the 3 Best Technique Tips to waterskiing that you need to know.

Our young skier friend Maddie learns how to waterski for the first time while her mom cheers in the background.

Maddie Scholte Learns to Ski for the first time

Step One: Getting up on Skis for the First Time

It sounds simple, but really let the boat do the work for you. Let the boat do the work: Getting up on skis really shouldn’t take that much effort, so if you are finding that it is, you are probably trying to do too much. A common mistake that we see when teaching someone to water ski for the first time is that they fight against the boat. The boat will always win. If you can stay crouched, in a tight little ball, then the boat will be more likely to pull you up. There is no rush to stand. You’ll have a stronger position if you keep a low center of gravity and wait to stand.

Step 2: Learning to Drop a Ski for the First Time:

For beginners looking to drop I ski, imagine you’re riding a scooter.  You’ll maintain primary pressure on your dominant / front foot. You’ll want to bend your knees and slowly kick away your drop ski much like pushing a scooter.

Once you’re standing, puff out your chest. You want to have a strong stance. I prefer a slight bend to my elbows too. It helps me feel confident and strong while standing on one ski. I always keep my knees bent just a little bit to absorb bumps. I also try and keep my hips forward. You want to think about bringing the handle lower and your hips forward. They will meet in the middle so to speak. You’ll have better control and strength like this.

Step 3: Patience is Key

Lastly, the best piece of advice that I have for you is to be patient. Water skiing is unlike any other sport out there. You will use muscles you did not know you have and you’ll be put in awkward athletic stances that you may not be familiar with. Having patience extends to your driver / instructor. If you’re with family or friends on the boat, it is important that everyone stay calm and encouraging. Don’t be afraid to take a break also! Spending a day out on the lake is meant to be fun, not stressful.

So there you have it!

Those are the the 3 Best Technique Tips for water skiing that I have learned over the years. I hope you learned something here today about the 3 Best Technique Tips for water skiing! Feel free to email us with more questions at If you’re really struggling, take a lesson with us! You can book online here. Call us with other questions! (207) 693-3867. Shop our selection of water skis here! And as always make sure to stay in touch with on by following us on Instagram and liking us on Facebook. Spring is near!!!