Wake up to some knowledge about wakeboards

Finding the right wakeboard can be a little like finding the perfect candy bar in a candy shop. There are so many options to choose from, and in most instances, you really can’t go wrong. But, that’s where we come in. Today, I’m going to teach you a little bit about the different shapes to wakeboards. So wake up to some knowledge. Here goes.

Continuous Rocker

Continuous Rocker Wakeboards are the more “traditional” shape. Their edge curves along a mild and consistent curve. They carry speed well into the wake and boost you far out into the flat past the opposite wake. You can think of Continuous rocker boards as boosting you with “flight“. These boards are great for riders that want to soften their landings. It’s also ideal for riders who want consistent pop off the wake time and time again. Continuous rocker boards are just that – continually dependable. Each time you throw a trick will feel the same as the last. To summarize, they offer smooth, wake-to-flat arc, consistent carving, less friction = higher speeds. 

Continuous Rocker Wakeboard Profile

3-Stage Rockers

3-Stage boards draws it’s origins from larger wakes. When riders started hitting modern wakes from newer, larger wakeboard boats, they wanted to generate more air time. Thus the 3-Stage was born. 3-stage rocker lines provide tremendous pop up off the wake. I like to think of them as boosting your “height“. Ideally, you’ll hit the first wake, perform your trick in the air, and then land down on top of the second wake. 3-Stage rocker boards are not quite as fast when carving. Due to the nature of their curve line, they don’t have as much surface area in contact with the water like a continuous rocker line will. But they are aggressive. And they will boost you into outer space if you let them. To summarize: high arcing, aggressive pop off the wake, wake to wake arc, more friction = less speed in the flat with more pop off the wake

3 Stage Rocker Wakeboard Profile

Hybrid Rocker

The third shape is a Hybrid or a cross between Continuous Rockers and 3-Stage Rockers. These boards are ideal for riders who have a variety of tricks in their arsenal and want to both boost and fly. Delivering some of the pop you would expect from a 3 stage, you can still depend on a consistent and faster ride. Hybrid rockers give you the rideability and consistency of a continuous rocker with the charging, aggressive pop of a 3-stage rocker.

Hybrid Rocker Wakeboard Profile



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