Paddling 101: SUP Edition

Exploring the lake is part of what makes summer so great. As a kid, I used to hop in a kayak and go off for the day to try and find a new nook in my lake that I’d never been to before. It was a blast traveling up in runoff streams just to appease my adventurous spirit. As an adult, I find more enjoyment in paddling a SUP board than sitting down in a kayak. Stand up paddle boards offer a new perspective on the lake. You can gaze down into the water in shallow sections of the lake for a better vantage point. This type of paddling offers a whole body work out too as opposed to recreational kayaking or canoeing, which is predominantly upper body focused. All in all, paddle boards are a great investment and a ton of fun. So let’s dive into some paddleboarding 101.

Surf Shapes vs. Touring Boards

There are two main types of paddle boards. There are rounded tip, “surf shaped” boards, and touring boards. Surf shaped boards originated as a means of travel between islands in the form of paddle board surfing. The wide shapes channeled water well beneath the boards and allowed the rider to build up speed with the current and waves. These kinds of boards are more traditional. There are not limited to ocean surfing. You can absolutely use them on a lake! Many users say that they are more stable than touring boards. For a beginner paddler, I agree that’s true. With the wider platform, you have greater stability.

Touring boards have a displacement hull. They look like a kayak in the front (meaning they come to a point). They track straighter in the water. This enables the rider to maximize their paddle strokes on each side of the board. Touring boards are a great option of paddle board for a lake front paddler. You’ll carry greater speed across the water. Overall, for exploring lakes in calm water, a touring board is really the way to go!

Inflatable vs. Hardshell

Inflatable paddle boards are a great alternative to hardshell boards. When inflated properly, and to the right PSI, these boards will feel just an epoxy construction. Inflatable boards are often lighter in weight and easier to carry when on land. The biggest advantage comes down to storage and transportation. These boards deflate and fold up to fit into a large duffle or backpack. Don’t be concerned about durability. Inflatable paddleboards are made with a technology called “dropstitching”. The boards are extremely stiff. They do not perform like a traditional float. They are solid structurally.

Hardshell boards are traditional. If you’ve got a roof rack or the storage space for them, send it! Hardshell boards glide just a little better in the water. You’ll never have to inflate them up to pressure. These are what people are more used to when they think of paddle boards. To be honest, I’ve ridden on both. And I enjoy both! Either way, inflatable or hardshell, you really can’t go wrong. That’s paddling 101 in a nutshell!

What are some options for Paddle Boards?

We have a great selection of paddle boards at Sun Sports+. We carry SUP ATX, Pua Hana, Michael Dosley, Aquaglide, Connelly, and Surftech!

The Lido SUP

First up is the Lido. The Lido is a great paddle board. With an EPS foam core, high-quality fiberglass, epoxy resin, reinforced rails, and molded Utility Armor shell makes the Lido extremely durable SUP for rental facilities, beginners and families.

A surf shaped paddle board often feels more stable for riders. This board has a beautiful wood grain top sheet with teal padding for your feet.

The Lido SUP 10’06”

Voyager Touring SUP

Secondly we have the voyager touring SUP. The Voyager is designed for someone who wants to paddle flat water or mild open ocean conditions. It has all the features of a race board but has been toned down making it more stable and user friendly. It is equipped with 14 leash plugs on the nose and tail to tie down all your gear. The Displacement hull make this board cut through the water efficiently, making long paddles much easier than a standard surfboard shape cruiser. Fin System: Single Fin

A touring board like the one pictured above features a displacement shell for straighter forward water movement.

Micheal Dolsey 12’6 Touring SUP

We understand that a paddle board purchase is a big deal! We are here to help you along the process. Call us at 207-693-3867 for all information on Paddling 101. Email us at Shop online or in store. We are open 7 days a week. Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! Check out our YouTube page for water sports content and tips of the trade.


Wake up to some knowledge about wakeboards

Finding the right wakeboard can be a little like finding the perfect candy bar in a candy shop. There are so many options to choose from, and in most instances, you really can’t go wrong. But, that’s where we come in. Today, I’m going to teach you a little bit about the different shapes to wakeboards. So wake up to some knowledge. Here goes.

Continuous Rocker

Continuous Rocker Wakeboards are the more “traditional” shape. Their edge curves along a mild and consistent curve. They carry speed well into the wake and boost you far out into the flat past the opposite wake. You can think of Continuous rocker boards as boosting you with “flight“. These boards are great for riders that want to soften their landings. It’s also ideal for riders who want consistent pop off the wake time and time again. Continuous rocker boards are just that – continually dependable. Each time you throw a trick will feel the same as the last. To summarize, they offer smooth, wake-to-flat arc, consistent carving, less friction = higher speeds. 

Continuous Rocker Wakeboard Profile

3-Stage Rockers

3-Stage boards draws it’s origins from larger wakes. When riders started hitting modern wakes from newer, larger wakeboard boats, they wanted to generate more air time. Thus the 3-Stage was born. 3-stage rocker lines provide tremendous pop up off the wake. I like to think of them as boosting your “height“. Ideally, you’ll hit the first wake, perform your trick in the air, and then land down on top of the second wake. 3-Stage rocker boards are not quite as fast when carving. Due to the nature of their curve line, they don’t have as much surface area in contact with the water like a continuous rocker line will. But they are aggressive. And they will boost you into outer space if you let them. To summarize: high arcing, aggressive pop off the wake, wake to wake arc, more friction = less speed in the flat with more pop off the wake

3 Stage Rocker Wakeboard Profile

Hybrid Rocker

The third shape is a Hybrid or a cross between Continuous Rockers and 3-Stage Rockers. These boards are ideal for riders who have a variety of tricks in their arsenal and want to both boost and fly. Delivering some of the pop you would expect from a 3 stage, you can still depend on a consistent and faster ride. Hybrid rockers give you the rideability and consistency of a continuous rocker with the charging, aggressive pop of a 3-stage rocker.

Hybrid Rocker Wakeboard Profile



Whatever you’re looking for in a wakeboard, we’ve got a choice for you at Sun Sports+. Let us guide you in the process. Our expert staff is here to advise you and educate you and help you find the perfect wakeboard. Call us at 207-693-3867. Email us at Like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram! Check out our YouTube Channel and Blog for helpful tips and tricks to make this summer the best summer yet.

This Week’s Pick of the Week is Melin Hats!

Cover your Melin this summer with the best hat in the shop. Melin hats are the last hat you’ll ever buy. Take our word for it. they are the most comfortable hat out there. Seriously. We carry hydrophobic hats at Sun Sports+, meaning they shed water. So they won’t get saturated in sweat or rain or the lakes. These hats are perfect to wear out on the boat, the beach, or while just lounging around. I’m telling you, once you try one on, you’ll never own a different hat in your life.


Melin hats come in different millimeter diameters because no two heads fit the same. Here’s a size chart that you can check out:

Small Classic
SIZE 7” – 7 ¼” 7 ⅜” – 7 ⅝” 7 ¾” – 8 ¼”
METRIC 56 – 57.5cm 58 – 59.5cm 60 – 62cm
INCHES 22” – 22 ⅝” 22 ¾” – 23 ½” 23 ⅝” – 24 ½”

Our favorite Melin hats are the neon collection. Dive in this summer with the Neon Hydrochromic Collection. Available at Sun Sports+ in Coronado styles, you can bring the party to the beach, the lake, or the backyard pool. With Hydrochromic tech in each hat, hop in the water to reveal hidden custom designs that appear only when the hat is wet and vacation mode is on.

Each Coronado Neon hat features custom, summer-inspired artwork made for heatwaves and good times. With hats made for the water, don’t be afraid to dive in and get the party going. Whether you’re hopping off the back of the boat to cool off or diving in at the backyard pool party, each hat was made for water with a fun Hydrochromic pattern surprise that only appears by adding some H2O.


  • Water Friendly

    Water Friendly

  • Floatable


  • Lightweight


  • Durable


  • Antimicrobial


  • Moisture-Wicking Lining

    Moisture-Wicking Lining

  • Hidden Besom Pocket

    Hidden Besom Pocket

  • Breathable


    Melin hats have the best features. One cool feature about Melin Hats that we love at Sun Sports+ is that the material is antimicrobial. That means that the hats won’t get stinky when you wear them for long periods of time. A second feature we like is they fight breakouts on your forehead because they are breathable. So your skin gets a break from the oils that can build up between the fabric of the hat and your head. The third feature we like is the hats have a logo on the underside of the brim where your thumb goes. This keep from building up a dirty thumbprint on the fabric.

    The inside view of the Coronado Drip Hydro in Lagoon. Big Image - 5

    There’s more to Melin than meets the eye. A fourth feature is that Melin’s snap straps in the back are made out of rubber instead of plastic. They won’t break down over time and deteriorate over time. They are also more comfortable and conform to your head much better than typical hat straps. You might not think about the strap on the back of your had. That is, until you put a hat on that has a superior strap.

    Check them out at Sun Sports+!

    We are open 7 days a week. You can shop Melin online or in store. Have questions? Call us at 207-693-3867. Email us at Follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook! Check out our YouTube page! And of course, visit us in the shop.

Phase 5 wakesurfers in stock at Sun Sports+!

Phase 5 has arrived at Sun Sports+!

Phase 5 wakesurfers arrived this morning fresh off the truck. The 2022 line up is pretty sweet graphically and we can’t wait for to share it with you all this summer. There are a few boards in particular that we wanted to tell you all about. Since 2003 Phase Five wakesurfers has been building top-performing wakesurfers for all skill levels. No matter what your riding style is, they have a board for everyone. Here are three boards that we want you to know about. 

2022 Matrix Limited LTD

First up is an ever popular board, the Matrix. Truly a force in the P5 line with many of the top riders sporting it under their feet. It sports a thinner core and a single to double concave bottom with the V-Spline tail. The result is a very responsive, trick friendly platform to work the wave. Many riders will find it rides very well revert with it’s well rounded outline that sports the same shape on it’s nose and tail. The Matrix has a Carbon Stringer for added strength and is glassed super light using our Gatorskin™glass. It is equipped with a single 1” fin that gives the board a true skim style feel. Don’t waste time, Enter the Matrix. The Matrix Payne Pro features a unique Propel Graphic bottom that Parker Payne dreamed up.

Parker Payne rides the new 2022 Matrix Limited surfer

2022 Hammerhead

Second up is The Hammerhead. A.k.a. the king of revert. It’s “peanut” shape allows the board to swing with more momentum for those push shove-its. Starting with a square nose and ending with a square tail, this board doesn’t care which end is in front. The squared nose allows it to stay stable and fast when riding revert. A recent re-design of the Hammerhead sports a peanut shape which is a concept that places the volume under your feet where pressure is actually exerted without rounding out the board so much that is loses speed or maneuverability. It’s all around faster this year than before. The Hammerhead is made with Carbon Fiber glass that makes it ultra-strong while maintaining light weight for performance. The Hammerhead is equipped with a single 1” fin to make it fast and maneuverable for all riders.

How does it compare to the Matrix? The Hammerhead is slightly more stable underfoot. It’ll also ride more consistently “backwards” (meaning tail facing towards the boat) because of it’s unique shape. All in all, both boards are extremely fun and gnarly shredders.

Phase 5 pro surfer rips a sweet trick on a phase 5 hammerhead


2022 Biscuit 54″

Don’t overlook this board: it’s a shop favorite! Large enough to accommodate riders up to 200lbs, the Biscuit will become your go to breakfast shredder. It’s happy go lucky and forgiving. But this thing will break loose for a spin if you want it to! All in all, this board will keep newbies cruising all around the lake and expert riders looking for more. Featuring a full deck EVA pad, it’s comfy underfoot for your toes. The board is super stable but will carve around if you edge it. All in all the Biscuit is good fun, entry level surf board.

The outline of the Biscuit allows the board to be a Wave Hog as you will be struggling to keep this beast off the wave. It also is a very forgiving and friendly board with soft rails that won’t catch you when you fall. It comes with a twin FCS fin set up to keep it nice and loose when your ready to get radical on it!

phase 5 pro rider hold a 2022 Biscuit surfer in hand

Phase 5 is so much more than a skim surfer

Phase 5 wakesurfers expand across the category of skim style into the surf category. They have a board for every style of riding and every surfer out there. Come and see us at Sun Sports+! Call us at 207-693-2867. Email us at Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram! Check out our YouTube Channel! We want to help you make this summer the best summer ever.



How to Properly Size and Fit a Life Jacket

A common issue we find in the water sports industry is that people don’t know how their life jacket should fit. We often see people reaching for vests that are too big because they feel more comfortable on dry land. But once your vest gets wet, it will stretch a little bit. So here are some big key points for how to properly size and fit a life jacket.

CGA vs. NCGA: What’s the difference?

The most common vest you’ll see out on the water is probably a Coast Guard Approved vest. The law requires you to have them in your boat. Children are required to wear them up to a certain age. (make sure to check the rules in the state that you’re boating.) The state of Maine requires children 10 and under to wear a U.S. Coast Guard approved life jackets or life vests at all times while on a boat. Although adults are not required to wear life jackets while in and around a boat, everyone is required to wear them when performing water sport activities behind the boat. The life jackets you wear behind a boat can be either a CGA or NCGA vest. CGA vests consist of more foam and multiple buckles. It’s a bulkier vest in general.  They offer greater floatation. Maine state regulations require that there is a CGA life jacket on board for every person on the boat. 

The Connelly Men's Classic CGA Vest zips up the front and has two buckles for a more secure fit. This vest is constructed with their extremely popular "V" back flex panel design that provides superior flexibility and adjusts to a wide range of body types. The front and back segmented sections deliver a vest that maximizes flexibility and comfort.

Connelly Men’s Classic CGA Vest

Flexible and lightweight, the Women’s Spark Flex V-Back gives you all of the safety, comfort and performance you could ask for from CGA life jacket. With multiple hinges and the V-Back stretch panel, this vest provides unsurpassed mobility

O’Brien Women’s Flex V-Back Neo Vest

NCGA Vests, or as we like to call them “competition vests” are a thinner, lighter weight life vest. Their focus centers around performance. They offer your greater range of motion in your arms and shoulders. Comp Vests are not considered life jackets because they do not offer you the same floatation as a CGA vest. They are perfectly legal to wear while waterskiing, wakeboarding, tubing, or wakesurfing.

The O'Neill Competition Vest lineup defies convention and sets a new industry standard for performance driven technology. The lightest vests in the water just got lighter, stronger and dry faster than ever.

O’Neill Slasher Comp Full Zip Vest

Flexible and lightweight, the Women’s Spark Flex V-Back gives you all of the safety, comfort and performance you could ask for from CGA life jacket. With multiple hinges and the V-Back stretch panel, this vest provides unsurpassed mobility

O’Neill Women’s Slasher Vest

How should my Life Jacket fit?

Your CGA vest should feel snug against your body. Once you zipper it, synch the buckles down for a closer fit. CGA vests are going to cover a wider range of body shapes and sizes because the buckle is there to tighten up the vest when you need it.

Comp vests fit best when they fit like a wetsuit. You should have to work a little to get the zipper to zip. That means that you need to pull the two sides of the vest together in order to zip it.

Key Points:

CGA vests offer greater floatation, and you are required to have them on the boat with you. Kids under the age of 10 are required to wear CGA Vests at all times on the water. Comp vests are not coast guard approve but they do however offer maximum comfort and a greater range of motion. Whatever your preference for life jacket fit, we can help you find it at Sun Sports+.

<iframe width=”560″ height=”315″ src=”” title=”YouTube video player” frameborder=”0″ allow=”accelerometer; autoplay; clipboard-write; encrypted-media; gyroscope; picture-in-picture” allowfullscreen></iframe>

Do you have more questions about life jacket fits? Then come visit us at Sun Sports+! We can show you how to properly size and fit a life jacket. Our expert staff can get you rocking the right vest. Shop online or in store! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram. Call us at 207-693-3867. Email us at Read our Blog!

The Power of a Wetsuit: Everything you need to know and more

The Power of a Wetsuit:

Wetsuits extend your water sport season. They work because they trap a layer of water against your skin. Your natural body heat warms up that layer and then insulates you against the cold water outside of the wetsuit. Consider these different elements before you purchase a wetsuit. There are different thicknesses, styles, lengths, and more. The power of a wetsuit is such that it can extend your season by an entire month or two. But don’t let all these different elements intimidate you. So, let’s delve into it.

How does a wetsuit work?

A wetsuit is a neoprene suit made for warmth, insulation, and protection during water sports. Furthermore, wetsuits trap a thin layer of water between your body and the suit. This layer of water is warmed by your natural body heat. This prevents you from losing too much heat while in the water. Wetsuits are not meant to keep you entirely dry. Neoprene is made of small closed cells that are filled with air which provide insulation against cold water by trapping heat in. The thicker the suit’s neoprene, the warmer the suit will be because it has more heat-trapping insulation.

If the temperatures are cold enough to make your fingers and toes go numb, think about using bootsgloves and hoods too.

How Should my wetsuit fit?

A wetsuit should fit like a second skin. This means that it is tight and snug. Most people are uncomfortable the first time they try on a wetsuit because they are not used to it and the suit is stiff on dry land. Once you get into the water, it will expand a little and feel more comfortable.  If your wetsuit does not fit properly it will not be able to keep you warm or allow you the mobility you need for your sport.

After you have your wetsuit on and zipped, there shouldn’t be any excess room in the areas around your torso, crotch, shoulders, arm pits, or knees. Look for ripples in the neoprene. If you can grab the fabric in your hands and pull it away from your body, it is probably too large. Try lifting your hands over your head and stretch out your shoulders. This should feel slightly restricting, but you should still have a full range of motion. You should be able to squat down and move about easily, while only feeling the pressure of the suit. The power of a wetsuit is dependent upon how well it fits. If you get the perfect fit, you’ll have no trouble getting into the lake in April or October.

What kind of wetsuit should I get?

We sell full wetsuits, shorties, wetsuit tops, shorts, hoods, and booties at Sun Sports+.  The water is colder in the spring than in the fall. Now is the time that you will benefit most from a full-length wetsuit. We sell O’Neill Reactor wetsuit, the Epic, the Bahia, and the new Ninja. The reactor is a 3/2mm suit. The Epic and the Ninja are 4/3mm wetsuits. The Bahia is a Women’s specific wetsuit and is a 3/2mm. (Ask our store manager all about the Bahia – she’s a huge fan!)

The Reactor Wetsuit

The first suit you should look at is the Reactor wetsuit. It’s a great all-around suit. Featuring a back zipper with easy access to make getting the suit on and off easier. The reactor is a perfect combination of stretch and durability. Fresh colors and graphics with style that’s built to last. Keep your skin safe from UV exposure and it’ll keep you warm both in and out of the water. The reactor is designed to be the perfect fit, just like a glove for a great price point.

the reactor wetsuit is a great choice as a first time wetsuit. Affordable price and an all weather kind of suit.

The O’Neill Reactor Wetsuit

The Epic Wetsuit

The second suit you should look at is the Epic. It takes the reactor one step further. It including 100% UltraFlex Neoprene, double seal neck closure, LSD (lumbar seamless design) and re-engineered covert blackout zip. Clean graphics and sharp style lines make the Epic the best value in the industry.

The Epic wetsuit is a 4/3mm wetsuit with a back zip entry. It's a great insulator against cold water temperatures for an affordable price.

The O’Neill Epic Wetsuit

The Ninja Wetsuit

The third suit you should look at is the Ninja. New for us at Sun Sports+, it’s basically a dry suit that zips in the front, so that you don’t need a buddy to help you get into it. Internal ultraflex taped seams throughout most of the suit for better seal. Chest zip wetsuits are entered through a zippered cutout around the neck and you drop down into the suit through the neckline before pulling the neck cut over your head and zipping closed at the chest.

Chest zips are the trickier of the two types to both enter and exit. The chest zip is superior at keeping water from penetrating the suit through the seams and the neckline. The chest zip may also be a more comfortable fit once on with a snug neck that is less likely to cause rashes and the zipperless back yields a greater level of flexibility.

The ninja wetsuit features a front zipper for easy user friendly entry and thick neoprene that will keep you warm in any weather conditions.

O’Neill Ninja Wetsuit

Extend your summer with Sun Sports

Whatever you need to keep the summer rolling and the sun shining, you’ll find it at Sun Sports. The power of a wetsuit fights off any cold water in Maine. Got questions about wetsuits? Call us at 207-603-3867. Email us at Read our blog! Like us on Facebook and follow us on instagram! Visit us in the shop 7 days a week. We are here to help you make this summer the best summer ever.


Everything you need to know about tubes

Summer is here.

Here’s everything you need to know.

It’s time to get out on the lake! You’ve got your kids and all their friends and they all want to tube! But there’s so many different styles and colors. How do you possibly decide what tube to get? That’s where we come in. Here is everything you need to know about tubes.

When selecting a tube, the first question to ask is do you want to sit on it or lay on it. We differentiate these tubes by the distinction of “couch style” and “deck style”. Couch style tubes are great for young kids. We find at Sun Sports+ that young kids feel safer in a couch style tube because they are more secure in the tube. You’re less likely to slide off a couch tube. However, that’s the advantage of deck style tubes. They can feel more exciting to ride on because you have the prospect of flying off of it after hitting a wave.

The Baller 2 is our best selling couch style tube at Sun Sports. It features a high back rest, plenty of handles, and soft top technology.

O’Brien Baller 2 Tube

The Super Screamer is the best selling deck style tube at Sun Sports. 70 inches in diameter means there's more than enough room for two people. It features extra neoprene padding under your knees, your elbows, and your knuckles to help minimize tube rash.

O’Brien Super Screamer

Once you decide whether you want to sit on a tube or lay on it, the next question you need to ask yourself is how many people do you want to fit on a tube? We sell 1 person, 2 person, 3 person, and 4 person tubes at Sun Sports+. We sell them in both couch styles and deck styles options.

What are the advantages and disadvantages to larger tubes?

3 and 4 person tubes allow you to fit more people on them for more fun. If you’ve got a larger crew of people, then you can tube with more of them at a time. 3 and 4 person tubes are heavier – just be sure to keep that in mind. If you’ve got a place to store them, great! Go for it. But if storage is an issue at your summer abode, then a 2 person tube might be the way to go. Not sure what to choose? Visit us at Sun Sports+! We are here to help advice you on the best tube for you and your family. Our staff is extremely knowledgeable and can share with you everything you need to know about tubes.

Once you’ve found the perfect tube:

Be sure to get the right size rope for the job! 1-2 person tube ropes are a thinner rope. Don’t be fooled though! They are strong enough to handle 2 thousand pounds of pressure. That’s plenty of strength to pull 2 adult riders on a tube. 3-4 person tubes need a thicker rope. One that will handle 4 thousand pounds of pressure.

Everything you need to know about Tubes: all the tips you need

First, be sure not to leave your tube in the water or the sun when you’re not using it. The sun is the biggest threat to tubes. The sun breaks down the materials in the tube faster. As long as you store your tube somewhere cool and dry when it’s not in use, it should last for many rides.

Second, when you’re inflating your tube, inflate the smaller chambers first. This is especially helpful when you have a larger couch style tube, or one with dividers between the riders. They will be less likely to twist on you upon inflation. It’ll also be easier to find the valves this way.

Third, one of the most common questions we get asked at the shop is, “is this tube safe?”. Tubing is as safe, as exciting, as fun, or as dangerous, as the driver can make it. Make sure when you’re driving to pay attention to the riders. Have your spotter let you know when the laughter and smiles turn to worry and concern. If you’re an attentive tube driver, your tubers will have fun time after time.

We are here to help.

And that’s the gist of it! That’s everything you need to know about tubes. Call us with Questions at 207-693-3867. Visit our website to see more tubes! Email us with questions at Read more of our blog! Visit us in the shop 7 days a week! Like us on Facebook and follow us on Instagram.

Your New Favorite “Spinny, Flippy, Twisty” Wakeboard

The Wake Wizard is BACK with this week’s pick of the week! This week features the Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard. Offered in three sizes, this board comes ready to rip. It’s geared for intermediate to advanced riders who like to launch themselves off the water. Hyperlite’s Rusty Malinoski himself is famous for his big airs and double ups. With his signature board, you’ll get a view of the curvature of the earth before you come back down on the wake. This board has all the elements to become your new favorite wakeboard. 

Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard 2022

Hyperlite Team Rider Rusty Malinoski

What’s so great about the Rusty Pro?

The tendency in the industry is to ride bigger wakeboards. And so Size matters according to Rusty Malinoski. His new Rusty Pro wakeboard shape provides the surface area for massive airs but still he describes the board as lighter than anything he’s ever ridden. That’s in part to Hyperlite’s patented Biolite 3 Core. This core material is the gold standard in the industry and used throughout our line. Biolite 3 is Hyperlite’s lightest and most durable formula to date.

With more length comes a wider overall profile, creating a more poppy feel, “Light & poppy & snappy” says Rusty. As with previous shapes from Aaron Stumpf for Rusty, this board will take you swiftly to the wake holding edge all the way. New for Rusty is a set of shorter .7” SS Beam Fins, which when desired will allow you to break free or save landings when you’re a tad off the mark. Don’t wait on this wakeboard. It is destined to be your new favorite wakeboard. Get yours here

2022 Hyperlite Rusty Pro Wakeboard | Waterskiers World Australia

Rusty Malinoski on his Signature Series “Rusty Pro”

Don’t just take our word for it. Check out what the Wizard has to say about this wakeboard on his YouTube Channel! Visit our Website! Like us on Facebook! Follow us on Instagram. Shop online or in store. We are open 7 days a week through Labor Day Weekend! As always, you can call us at (207) 693-3867. Or you can email us at Or, stop by the shop and see us in person. 

Black Magic Kneeboard: Fun for the whole family!

Picture this: it’s summer time and you’re out in the boat with the kids. The sun is shining, the water is warm, and you all are just floating out by the sand bar. Now, everyone is a little tubed out, and the kids are ready for something a little more technical. You could always ski. Waterskiing is a classic sport, as old as time itself. But the skis can be difficult to handle in the water when you’re a young kiddo. And just like that, you realize exactly what you need. You kneed a Kneeboard! Kneeboarding is easy fun for the whole family and a great way to get beginner riders out on the water.

The O’Brien Black Magic is the perfect choice for a first time kneeboard. With plentiful padding beneath your knees, you’ll sit upright and comfortable while carving it up on the water. Why is the Black Magic so great, you say? Well that’s what we are here to tell you all about.

O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard | O'Brien Watersports



The Black Magic features a retractable fin system that you can engage or disengage mid ride. Simply twist a button on the front of the board and BOOM, you’ve got traction for carving. Want to try and spin the board? Simply twist the button and pull upwards on it and the fins go away. No need to worry about feeling slippery out on the water. With small, moulded fins in the bottom of the board, you’ve got just the enough grip to bite the water after your 360 spins so you can carve back into place.

O'Brien Black Magic Kneeboard - Marine General - KneeboardTired of riding and want to rest your hands? Simply hook the handle into the front of the board and let go! This moulded tow assist is a game changer in the water sports industry. It enables the driver to tow the board instead of the rider which is super beneficial for novice water athletes just looking to dip their toes into something new this summer.

O'brien Black Magic Kneeboard | 2022 | Pre-Order — Marine Products

The size of the Black Magic means adults and kids can ride it with ease. The smooth bottom contour makes it super stable and extremely comfortable. The 3-inch padded strap provides a secure fit. All and all, the Black Magic is a user friendly kneeboard that will have anyone out and cruising day after day. 


Don’t Just Take My Word For it

The Wake Wizard is the expert here. The Wizard’s Pick of this week is the O’Brien Black Magic! Check him out here. Got questions? Don’t hesitate to call! The store is open 7 days a week throughout the summer. Our expert staff is here to help guide you along the process of choosing the ideal product that’s geared for you. We’ve got the toys in stock you’re looking for that’s fun for the whole family.

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Bring Summer Home for the Holidays!

The Holidays are approaching and FAST. I for one am very behind on my Christmas shopping. So, if you’re in the same boat, pun intended, I’m here to support you. Here is a list of your must haves for the water sports fanatic in your family. Just stick around and read this blog and you’ll learn everything you need to know to bring Summer Home for the Holidays!

Holiday Gift Guide:

1. Hyperlite Broadcast

Jump into the wakesurf lifestyle with the Broadcast. It’s a true a must-have on any wake surf boat. If you’re new to the sport, or you want a board that you can put absolutely any rider on, you don’t need to look any further! This shape provides great performance for any ability level. With a  Dual Concave Base and new rocker line, the Broadcast provides a fast and responsive ride. It allows advanced riders to air out and generate speed for rotational tricks while beginner and intermediate riders can maintain the momentum and stay in the sweet spot of the curl. The Broadcast has an uncanny ability to channel water beneath it enabling the rider to feel stable and confident while they cruise around.

2. O’Brien Vortex

The Vortex Combos are the classic “Bid Daddy” wide-body skis. Designed for super easy deep-water starts and big, carving turns, at minimal effort. The extra surface area reduces drag and provides a huge amount of lift to get bigger skiers up on plane with ease. They are a commodity for any boat owner and perfect to keep in your boat to teach first time waterskiing adults. At 65.5″ in length, they fit a binding size of a Men’s 4.5 – 13. It also has a back binding on one of the skis which enables the user to slalom.

3. Bogg Bags

There’s still a small selection of Bogg’s available at Sun Sports+! These bags do not stay in stock long. They truly are the best beach and boating bag on the market today. Made of thick rubber, they stand upright and steadfast, holding all of your necessities in one place. You can pack them full of towels, snacks, an extra layer, and drinks and relax knowing all of your belongings are in one place. Bogg Bags come in great bright colors too. Just trust us and get one before they are gone!

4. Connelly Cruzer ST

This tube was a must have this past summer. It’s back for 2022 with a new bright design and is ready to rip next summer. It’s super thick and durable for the tubers in your family. We classify it as a “deck style” tube because you lay flat across the surface of the tube. The Cruzer ST is covered in “soft top” technology which means the surface of the tube is covered in an extra layer of neoprene. This helps prevent tube rash that can occur on elbows and knees.

5. O’Brien RIO iSUP

Inflatable SUPs are the name-of-the-game now a days. It’s surprising to most people that you can have an inflatable product capable of holding a heavy person up right and steady. But believe it. The RIO is made with drop-stitching technology. In short, it’s stiff, durable, and steady underfoot. At 11′ in length, this board will support over 300lbs. It’s sold as a package meaning for the low price of $579.99, you get the board, the paddle, the pump, a carrying case, and a repair kit.


Bring Summer Home for the Holidays

Fill your Holidays with laughter, fun, and food. Don’t let the stress of Holiday shopping get to you. We ship all our orders within two business days. Got any questions about water sports products? Not sure what the best choice is for the water sports fanatic in your family? Give us a call at (207) 693 3867. Email us at We are here to help you in whatever capacity we can. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Follow us on Instagram! Keep reading our Blog. Shop online at Sun Sports+ !

Talk soon.