Monthly Archives: October 2022

Krush it Next Summer with this Wakeboard

What’s a go to wakeboard in the shop for women riders? One of my favorites is the Ronix Krush. Back again for 2023 the Krush features two molded fins on either side of both the tip and the tail of the wakeboard. It also has center removable fins that you can pop out if you… Read more »

Fliteboard 101: What to know before you Flite

Flite leads the industry in eFoils. With the longest lasting battery life, you’ll cruise longer and further than your muscles can handle. So, let’s get going. Here’s Fliteboard 101: a miniseries. Everything you need to know before you Flite. The 100L Foil Board: This is the best option for riders > 200lbs or a very… Read more »

Closed for the Season. See you in the Spring!

The time has finally come. Summer is over. There is a chill in the air. Winter is coming. The lake will soon freeze which means that we have to lock the doors and pack up shop…for now. Though we are closed for the season, we are always reachable. You can shop online all winter long… Read more »

All you need to know about iKayaks

Inflatable kayaks you say? What could possibly be the advantage of those? Well let me tell you. iKayaks are the next wave in paddle sports. Featuring lighter weight designs, accessory friendly,  and durable designs, these are the last kayaks you need in your life. We sell three different models at Sun Sports+. We’ll call them… Read more »