How To Choose Your Next Wakeboard Rope

Day dreaming of summer? We do it too. New wakeboards and new waterskis are always fun additions to your water sports quiver. But what about the simple things? Getting the proper rope can help maximize your performance on your water sports equipment. We are here to help you choose your next wakeboard rope. Wakeboard and waterski ropes are not the same. Ski ropes have some stretch which allow skiers to more comfortably carve through their turns. Wakeboard ropes have virtually no stretch, maximizing riders’ pop during tricks. If you are in the market for a wakeboard rope, here are a few things to think about.


Wakeboard ropes are typically made with a few different materials. Poly E ropes are great for beginner riders. They have a small amount of stretch, making them more forgiving when cutting through the wake. They are also less expensive than some other ropes. The downside to Poly E ropes is that their stretch will not be desirable as a rider’s abilities progress. A rider looking for a more taut rope should consider a Dyneema rope. Dyneema ropes are exceptionally strong and lightweight, and have no stretch.  

Length – Wake ropes range in length, typically falling between 55 and 80 feet long. They are often adjustable, so you can easily change the length for different riders or abilities. Shorter ropes put riders in the narrower part of the wake and are good for newer riders. Longer ropes allow riders to get more speed and to spend more time in the air, in the wider part of the wake.

Handles – There are several choices for wake handles as well. EVA foam, aluminum and carbon fiber are the typical materials used for handles. Grips can be rubber or chamois and may be textured. Lighter, stronger handles are going to be the most expensive. Wake handles are wider than ski handles, making it easier to pass the rope during tricks. Note that wake handles come in different diameters. Make sure you can comfortably grip the handle and that it isn’t too big or small for your hand.

What We Recommend

The Connelly Launch Package is a great starting point. It performs well, it’s comfortable to use, has bright visible colors, and a price point that won’t break the bank. At 75 feet with three 5 foot sections, you have flexibility to set the length the way you want it. That way you can get the best pop off of the wave. The Launch package also has a 15″ soft molded EVA foam handle for a comfortable grip. This is a great choice for your next wakeboard rope. Bottom line, it’s an awesome choice for your next wakeboard rope. 


This is a great choice for your next wakeboard rope. Featuring a comfortable grip and a price point that won't break the bank.

Connelly Launch Package


Looking for something more performance based? Check out the Connelly LGS Suede Package with Dyneema grip.  At 75 feet, you have maximum amount of flexibility with how you customize your rope length. With a 15″ stitched leather handle and molded EVA core, this wakeboard rope has a tacky grip. Because of that, you’ll be able to stick your next landing easier. 

Connelly 75' LGS Package with Dyneema Grip will help you best land your next trick.

Connelly 75′ LGS Package with Dyneema Grip

We get it. There’s a lot that goes into making your next water sports purchase. We can help make it easier when you want to choose your next wakeboard rope. We are knowledgeable about the equipment we sell because it’s the same equipment that we use. Let us help inform you. Feel free to call us with questions. (207) 693 – 3867. Email us at And stay updated with our blog

Landing Your First 360 Surface Spin

This is one of the first tricks we all try on a wakesurfer. But it can also feel like the hardest trick to master. It’s that dreaded 360. To some extent, it’s like riding a bicycle. Once you land it a few times, the feeling stays with you and you remember how to do it. But getting there can be frustrating. We like to think of water sports like school in a way. Study up in the off season and you’ll come back ready to ride. So, don’t worry. We are here to help you with landing your first 360 surface spin.

Three Steps to Land the 360

Our Store Manager Julia carves on a wake surf board.

Our Store Manager Julia carves on a wake surf board.


The first step to landing your first 360 is getting comfortable on the surf board. Make sure you can carve back and forth. Then start to work the whole wave. Get to a point where you can leave the sweet spot of the wave, drift far back, and then get back into it. Once you are comfortable with your balance and carving, you’re ready to start practicing that dreaded 360.

The second step starts with drifting towards the back of the wave. You want to make sure that you have enough room in front of you to build a little speed before you try your 360. Put weight on your front foot so that the board picks up speed towards the front of the wave. You can pump a little bit too if you feel comfortable building speed that way as well. Do make sure that you have enough room from where you start your 360 to where you will finish your spin. That way you can get back to the sweet spot of the wave without much effort. However, you don’t have to get right up next to the swim platform in order to start your spin.

Landing the 360

The third step is the actual spin. Most people prefer a one-handed approach to initiating their spin. This can help you keep your weight centered over the board perhaps better than a two handed approach. Try both. Figure out what is most comfortable for you. Once you start your spin, you should feel the fins in the board break loose from the wave. Stay low on the board. At this point, try and spot the back of the boat by turning your head in the direction of your rotation. Be mindful of the board. Try and get a feel for the rotation. Spotting the boat will help stop the board from spinning. Once you feel you’ve come all the way around, stand up slightly. You’ll want to either get weight on your front foot or start to pump again to get back to the sweet spot in the wave.

Other Tips:

Have patience throughout the process! The surface 360 often results in many face plants and big splashes. Don’t let that discourage you. We’ve all been there. There are a few other things you can do to help aid you in this process.

If you’ve devoted a full day to trying out this trick and you’re not having much luck, take a break! There’s nothing worse than feeling like you’re not making any progress. Do you recall the definition of insanity? Trying the same thing over and over again expecting a different result? So, don’t be afraid to call it a day and walk away from the 360.

One key element in landing your first 360 is knowing when to take a break. You can always come back out and try it again later. Also, try switching between the one-handed spin and the two-handed spin. Often people are successful with one as opposed to the other. The other thing to keep in mind is how aggressively you’re pushing off of the wave. If you find that you’re over rotating, then perhaps try slowing down your spin or not pushing as hard on the wave.

Having Fun is the Most Important Part

At the end of the day, Wake Surfing is all about spending a fun day out on the water with your friends and family.  If you’re really struggling, consider taking a lesson with us! Our ski school program runs 7 days a week from 9am-5pm. We also run a Surf Camp! This Tuesday / Thursday Night program allows you the chance to meet with other surfers in the area and hone a new skill. For more info, call us! (207) 693-3867. Feel free to email us! Make sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook to get your fix of water sports content. And stay updated on all things summer related by reading our blog!

We will see you in the spring!




Got Seasonal Confusion?


Photo of our very own store manager Julia wearing a wetsuit and life jacket in January standing on the dock with the frozen lake in the background. She's holding her snow skis, wearing her ski goggles.

The Best of Both Worlds

The phrase Seasonal Depression doesn’t describe my winters properly. I’m a big fan of winter! The feeling of cruising down mountain slopes on skis or a snowboard is right up there with carving up a water ski course. If anything, I think the phase seasonal confusion more accurately fits. I see the new 2021 products rolling into the shop and I can’t wait to be back out on the water. But I try and get to the mountain whenever I can. I can’t decide what I like better. But my wetsuit has been starring me down in my closet so I couldn’t resist an opportunity to try and it on and make sure it still fit after the Holidays.

I am excited that 2020 has come to an end. A new year means a new summer full of fun in the sun is well on its’ way! (Though maybe not quickly enough.) But that’s one of the goals of this blog; to keep us all united with some warm thoughts during the cold dead of winter. In a time of seasonal confusion, we’re here to guide you all along into summer 2021! Follow along with our blog here!

Getting the Proper Fit

Speaking of wetsuits, there’s no time like wintertime to get a new wetsuit from Sun Sports+! Once the ice melts you’ll be ready and back out on the water. There’s nothing like a good wetsuit to keep the chill away during the early and later parts of the water sports season. Perhaps the biggest misconception about wetsuits is related to fit; a wetsuit should fit like a second skin. This means that it should be snug, but not uncomfortable. A wetsuit is able to keep you warm because it traps a layer of water against your skin. Your body will naturally heat up that water and insulate you against the cold.

A wetsuit is too big if it is loose around your ankles, wrists, or neck. It’s too small if you struggle to zipper it or cannot zipper it at all. Keep in mind that the more snug the suit fits, the less effort it will take your body to warm up the water that the suit traps against it.

O’Neill Wetsuits

Check out O’Neill’s Epic Wetsuit. With a convenient back zipper for easy entry, 100% UltraFlex DS neoprene, double seal neck closure, Lumbar Seamless Design (LSD) and re-engineered covert Blackout zipper, the Epic the best value in the industry. It’s one of the most popular full length suits we sell at Sun Sports+ for cold spring water.

The O’Neill Bahia wetsuit is designed for a new generation of female athletes that want to bring beauty, personality, and confidence to the water. The combination of chic styling and absolute function makes Bahia is a unique wetsuit line for the style-savvy and performance-driven athlete. It has my personal seal of approval because it’s the only suit I wear.

Don’t let that seasonal confusion get the best of you this time of year. If you’ve got questions or concerns about anything water sports related, let us know! We are here to help. Got more questions about wetsuits? Not sure what is the best option for yourself or your loved ones? Call us with questions. (207) 693–3867. Feel free to email us at See more at And don’t forget to follow us on Instagram and Facebook for all things water sports!

Bring on the New Year with a New Ski!

Did anyone else catch ice out on the lake recently? Alright, we know it’s not actually ice out just yet, (because it never fully iced in)  but we were certainly tempted to get a rip in! There’s still a lot of winter ahead of us, but we can dream, right? What is just ahead of us is the new year! Bring on the new year with a new ski from Sun Sports+!

We hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. It certainly looked different this year for us, but keeping things low key means we kept it stress free. We’ve still got the New Year to look forward to after all! And a New Year means a New Ski, at least we think so! While everyone else is making New Year’s Resolutions to eat less junk food, we resolve to ski more and worry less! We’ve got the perfect line up of 2021 Slalom Skis to help you get your fix. Ladies, check out the 2021 Radar Lyric Slalom Ski – it’s got your name written all over it.

Radar's new 2021 slalom ski specifically engineered for women riders. Built with a softer, more malleable core that lends for smooth and consistent turns on every ride. Bring on the new year with a new ski.

2021 Radar Lyric


The New Lyric

Radar’s 2021 Lyric is engineered specifically for the first lady of the water. They utilize a lighter weight carbon on the inside of the ski making the finished product softer and easier to turn. But fear not! This ski does lacks neither aggression nor fun. Ladies, rip it up on the Lyric between 26-34 MPH and have fun making effortless turns. Pair this ski with Radar’s Lyric Boots and you’ve got a powerhouse combination ready to rip up some early morning glass.

The new 2021 Radar Lyric in action. Bring on the new year with a new ski.

2021 Radar Lyric

Bring on the new year with a new ski or another new piece of water sports equipment. Check here for more new 2021 skis! Call with questions. (207) 693–3867. Feel free to email us and inquire more at And make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram! 

We hope you stay happy, healthy, and safe. Talk soon!




Happy Holidays from Sun Sports

Happy Holidays from Sun Sports+

It looks like it’s going to be a white Christmas after all! I want to take this time to wish you all a Merry Christmas and a Happy Holidays. I must admit, I love the sunshine, warm weather, tan lines, and lake life that comes with summertime but even I get a little giddy about the winter Holidays. My winter plans involve getting some turns in on the slopes and trading bathing suit tan lines for goggle tans. And then when the snow melts, you’ll find me back on the water either surfing a wave or ripping it up on a slalom ski.

The one thing I have on my Christmas list is a little bit of normal. I wish for all of you out there to have a happy and healthy Holiday season. I look forward to seeing you all in the spring. There are some great 2021 products arriving at the store weekly, so make sure to check out our Blog for updates on what’s new and exciting. Just the other day we received a shipment of Bogg Bags!

The Wake Wizard dons a whole shipment of Bogg Bags.

The Wake Wizard dons a whole shipment of Bogg Bags.


For now, it looks like it’s still going to be a socially distant winter. And that’s okay because we at Sun Sports+ are never that far away. As always, you can keep updated on the latest in water sports by following us on Instagram and liking us on Facebook. Use this link here to see all that Sun Sports+ has to offer! Feel free to call with questions. Email us and ask for more.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!


Have a question? Need some advice? Want us to ship internationally? Contact us.

Feel free to give us a call at 207-693-3867, email us at, 

How to Adjust and Size a SUP Paddle

Are you looking for a new SUP paddle and wondering what paddle length is right for you? The right size paddle makes all the difference. There are a few things you should consider when sizing your paddle. A good starting point is to get a paddle approximately 6-8 inches taller than you for general paddling. To gauge what length is appropriate for you, stand on a flat surface with the blade of the paddle on the ground and one hand holding the paddle around the shaft. Reach your other arm over your head until you can comfortably reach your hand over the T of the paddle shaft. If you have a slight bend to your arm, then you have the correct paddle length.

If you are trying to set the proper height of your adjustable paddle, release the locking mechanism on the paddle. Take one hand and extend it straight over your head, with your fingers pointing up. With the other hand, take the T of the paddle shaft and adjust it until it reaches your wrist. Take your hand and fold it over the T of the paddle shaft. Carefully lock the adjustment mechanism in place. However, take care not to change the height of the paddle in the process.

Sizing a SUP paddle does not need to be a daunting task. You want a paddle that is long enough that you don’t have to bend over much, but not so long that it is hard to move from side to side. You want your paddle to be both comfortable for you and efficient.

In Conclusion

It is important to remember that there are many theories on the best way to size your paddle. The optimal paddle length varies for each person, depending on your height, arm length, your board’s height off the water, your activity, and your strength. For touring and racing, you will want your paddle to be a bit longer than usual for a more powerful stroke. But for surfing, you will want your paddle to be slightly shorter for maneuverability. The wrong paddle length can also lead to injury to your shoulder or back. So, if you have concerns about what length paddle is best for you, consider an adjustable length paddle, and don’t be afraid to adjust the paddle after a couple paddling sessions to make sure you have the correct length.

Remember that you can stop in or give us a call at Sun Sports+ anytime with questions too! We love to help our customers find the right setup so that they can enjoy the water!

Fitting Your Life Vest

While a life jacket is extremely important when you are on the water, choosing one doesn’t need to be difficult. Fitting your life jacket can actually be a straightforward and painless process when you know what to look for. Manufacturers provide great advice and guidance about how to choose your vest. And we at Sun Sports+ are here to help you make the process fast, simple, and easy.

The first question you should ask yourself is whether or not you want a Coast Guard Approved Vest. CGA vests typically are more buoyant and offer greater floatation. Your second option is what we call a Competition / Impact Vest. Competition vests are not Coast Guard approved, and are not designed with the same life saving standards as CGA vests. However, they are lightweight, comfortable and flexible, and recommended for use by people with extensive water sports experience. If you are looking for a life-saving vest, make sure you look at CGA vests. They are easy to identify, as they are labeled with a fairly large safety booklet. Understanding these differences will greatly impact how you go about fitting your life vest.

Nylon vs. Neoprene

Next, most vests are made of either nylon or neoprene. Nylon vests are very affordable and are great for recreational boaters. Water sports enthusiasts may opt for softer, more form-fitting neoprene vests. Typically CGA vests are made from nylon. Impact Jackets are often neoprene.  

Sizing your vest is the most critical part of your purchase. Properly fitting your life vest ensures your head stays above water. Children’s vests sizes range by weight range and adult vests range by chest size. Too big and it will ride up around your face. Too small and it will not be able to keep your body afloat. To help with fitting your life vest, there’s a simple test you can perform. If you’re vest has a zipper, pull the sides of the vest together. If the zipper overlaps easily, it is too big. You want the sides to just barely meet, but still zip up easily. Also make sure your vest is properly fastened. 

To test the fit of your child’s life jacket, have your child hold their arms straight up over their head, grab the life jacket by the shoulders, and gently pull up. Also, make sure there isn’t excess room above the openings. Additionally, make sure the life jacket doesn’t ride up over his or her chin, ears, or face. If the vest doesn’t ride up, then it is properly fitted. 

USCG Guidelines

The USCG guideline is that children under 13 years old must wear a life jacket unless they are below deck or in an enclosed cabin, when a vessel is underway. However, states differ with regard to life jacket laws. Therefore, make sure you check the laws that apply to you. Remember, it is always important that you wear a vest, no matter how old you are, or what water sports activity you are involved in. Note also that you cannot operate a PWC (i.e. jet ski) while wearing a NCGA vest, and that if you wear one during water sports, you still must have a CGA vest onboard the boat.

Still Confused? We can help fitting your life vest. 

At Sun Sports+, we carry vests from several manufacturers and not all brands fit exactly the same way. We are happy to help you find the vest that works best for you. Stop in, put a few vests on and have our staff help you get your true fit anytime. You can also shop vests online! And as always, follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook for the latest and greatest in the water sports world! 

Have fun and stay safe on the water!

Second Annual Holiday Gift Guide

It’s that time of year where the Holidays are right around the corner! Can you believe it?? We certainly cannot. 2020 has flown by for sure. With that in mind, we have all those gift ideas that your water sports lover cannot live without. So without further ado, here is our second annual Holiday Gift Guide.

O’Brien Baller 2 Towable Tube

A blue and green towable tube shaped like a couch for comfortability and style. Featuring soft top technology, this tube is comfortable to ride all day long. It can be towed in two different directions: like riding on a couch or a chariot.

O’Brien Baller 2


First up is the O’Brien Baller 2 tube. This tube is a best seller at Sun Sports+ in part due to its’ ability to be towed in two different directions. You are guaranteed to always have a ball on the O’Brien Baller 2. That’s why it’s earned a place on our annual Holiday Gift Guide. By accommodating up to two riders, you and your friend will have a blast getting swung around while sitting with your back against the rear support. When you are ready for a change, just disconnect the rope from the quick connect hook, rotate the tube 180 degrees and connect the rope to the other tow hook. Now you can ride the tube like your own personal chariot.

The Baller series tubes are covered with soft top technology, providing a comfortable ride every time you’re out on the water. The soft, seamless material prevents any uncomfortable rubbing and eliminates the potential for abrasion so you can ride all day long.

Radar Deep “V” Package.

Radar's Deep "V" Handle is wide enough to accomodate and stabilize a slalom ski.

Radar Deep “V” Handle Package


Having trouble getting up on a slalom ski? For all you first time slalom skiers, our second Holiday Gift Guide recommendation is the Radar Deep “V” Package. The Radar Deep “V” 15″ Diamond Grip Handle with 5-Section Mainline Package is perfect for those water skiers looking to practice deep water starts. Radar’s Deep-V Handle cradles your ski and prevents it from tipping over while you’re waiting for that rush of acceleration from the boat. This is the ultimate cheat code when learning how to perform deep water starts on a slalom ski.

Connelly Pacific

The Connelly Pacific iSUP Features a pop up seat so riders can lounge and rest.

The Connelly Pacific iSUP with Pop Up Seating


Third on our list is the Connelly Pacific inflatable paddle board. Seriously, we can’t get enough of this one. For all you SUP lovers out there, this iSUP makes travel and transport easy so you can take the adventure on the road. Check out our other blog post dedicated just to this board for more information on the Connelly Pacific. 

O’Brien Celebrity Combo Skis

Water Skis

O’Brien Celebrity Combo Skis


A classic and a necessity for water sports enthusiasts, new boat owners, or anyone just looking to have some fun in the sun this summer. Water skiing is a classic and timeless sport. For many, it’s also a rite of passage to other water activities. Make life easy with the O’Brien Celebrity Combo Skis.

BYO Wine Bogg Bag

Bogg Bag's tall, rectangular rubber bag built to protect and tote around a bottle of wine. Featuring Bogg Bag's technology enabling easy cleaning of this bag.

Bogg Bag’s “BYO Wine” Tote


Bogg Bag lovers, yes you, we’ve got the goods. This awesome tote was made just for just your wine! This bag is perfect for transporting your favorite summer bubbly drink down to the party boat for an afternoon or an evening of fun. Available in navy and grey at Sun Sports+!

Shop Online with Sun Sports+

The Holiday’s may look different this year but we are here to make shopping easy. Make sure to follow us on Instagram and like us on Facebook! Reach out to us with any questions you have. Email us at or call us at (207) 693-3867.


The New 2021 iSUP That Does It All

There’s nothing quite like the feeling of gliding across a calm body of water. Stand up paddle boards offer riders this feeling without the stress or hassle of owning and maintaining a boat. It’s also a fresh perspective that differs from a kayak or canoe. Stand-up paddling is not just a great way to get outside, it is a fun, easy, and enjoyable way to get a great core workout without being stuck in the gym. We want to introduce you to the new 2021 iSUP that does it all.

That’s right. We are talking about the Connelly Pacific inflatable stand up paddle board. Also known as the board that does it all. With this, you get the best of the best of the best. You get a stand up paddle board that is sturdy, firm, glides effortlessly, and has the added benefit of fitting in the back of your car once deflated.

Get on the Water with Style

Connelly’s Stand Up paddle boards are crafted with performance, durability, and stability in mind. Inflatable SUP’s offer a great way for beginner and advanced paddlers alike to get on the water in style. They are compact when transporting, so you can say goodbye to the struggles of loading your boards onto roof racks or hanging them out of the back of your car. With an inflatable SUP you have the freedom to travel and expand your expeditions to surrounding lakes and rivers and other bodies of water.

The Connelly Pacific iSUP is ideal for paddle boarders looking for a high-quality paddling experience in a compact, easy to move package. The Pacific is made with a technology called drop stitching, enabling the SUP to be more rigid, stiff, and stable. Essentially, within the paddle board are thousands of strings that connect the top of the board to the bottom. When you inflate it, it becomes significantly stiffer. It will not act like a typical inflatable; when you put pressure on it, air will not move away from you. The feel is practically the same as a molded epoxy board when you stand on it. Because of this technology, it’s perfect for any and all skill levels.

The Connelly Pacific iSUP Features a pop up seat so riders can lounge and rest.

The Connelly Pacific iSUP with Pop Up Seating


Perhaps the best feature of the Connelly iSUP is its optional flip up seat backing, you can lounge and float as if you were in a kayak. Flip the backrest down and continue paddling on your Connelly iSUP, the new 2021 iSUP that does it all.

Get More From Your Next Ride

The all-new 2021 Pacific offers much more than just a stand-up ride. With Connelly’s exclusive inflatable seat and backrest fitted directly into the board, your next paddle will be more versatile than your last. When not in use, the backrest lays flush with the top of the deck and out of the way. If you want to take a more leisurely on water excursion, simply lift the backrest up and adjust the straps to provide your desired level of support. We tested it ourselves at Sun Sports+ and could not be more excited about this water sports product. If you’re looking for the Wake Wizard on his days off, you can rest assured that he is out exploring on the Connelly Pacific.

The Pacific features a pop up seat that can either sit flush with the paddleboard or be engaged allowing the rider to sit and rest.

The Pacific is comfortable to sit and lounge on, while also being stable enough whereas a rider can easily rise back to his or her feet. We recommend the Pacific to anyone looking to travel around and explore the lake’s region. When inflated, the board is 10’6”. It weighs a mere 28lbs, so it’s a comfortable carry for most riders. The Connelly Pacific is the new 2021 iSUP that does it all.

Help us make your next water sports purchase your most educated one yet. Call with questions at (207) 693 – 3867. Email us at info@sunsportsmaine. Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!



Holiday Gift Guide

Black Friday Inspiration

Winter is long but it doesn’t have to feel that way. Treat your loved ones to something they really want this year and give them the gift of summer. You know that new wakeboard they’ve been eyeing? Or maybe they need to upgrade their life vest. Whatever is it, look good and feel good this summer with new equipment from Sun Sports+. Here are some new 2021 products to inspire you to find that perfect something for your water sports lover.

Here at Sun Sports+, we’ve got a whole new arsenal of 2021 Water Sports Toys that have just arrived at the shop! Click here for that new 2021 Radar Terrain we told you all about last week! Or check out the new 2021 Radar Union Slalom Ski. It’s back this year with all new graphics and a new and an amazing performance track record that makes it a favorite among both Radar Headquarters and the Sun Sports+ squad.

A Radar Pro Skier shreds hard on the new 2021 Radar Union Slalom Ski

Maybe even more exciting than the new waterskis is the new line up of 2021 Wakeboards from Ronix. Check out the Supreme. With a new school shape inspired by the explosive style of today’s emerging riders, this board is set to boost you higher and send you to the moon every ride. Combine all that technology with eye-catching graphics and you’re in for a fun time behind the boat next summer.

A Ronix Pro Rider boosts high off the wake on the new 2021 Ronix Supreme Wakeboard

We have something for everyone here at Sun Sports+. You have questions. We have answers. Help us make your water sports purchased your most educated one yet. Call with questions at (207) 693 – 3867. Email us at Make sure to follow us on Facebook and Instagram!